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Microcroft is a computer support and repair company based in and around the Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park, covering north Glasgow, western Stirlingshire and southern Perthshire. Started in 2005 by Graham Flett, with the aim to provide friendly jargon-free support to small to medium sized businesses and home users, Microcroft has grown by word-of-mouth recommendations for great service and fair pricing. Graham is an experienced computer engineer, coming from the commercial sector in Glasgow where he worked as an IT manager, dealing with a 500 seat network and advanced telephony systems. "Originally coming from a rural background, I saw a gap in the market for IT support in some of the more far flung areas, where the big city companies didn't provide a competitive service. There are more people working from home and starting their own businesses in the rural areas of the country, and since broadband, don't have to be in the main centres to compete. These are the people I primarily support, but as it turns out, there seems to be no shortage of folk getting in to a jam with their computers!" "Working in the sticks you have to be willing and able to troubleshoot all types of problems. I've found myself naturally expanding my range of expertise to include things like mobile phones, websites, smart TVs and satellite systems on top of the usual computers, laptops, screen repairs and networking. It all adds to the diversity of the job, which keeps it interesting, and of course keeps me busy!"

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services to help you out with all things computer related... If anything goes wrong with your computer (Mac or PC), or anything attached to it, we can help. • Computer not starting or taking too long? • Broadband down or just slow? • Website needing updated? • Broken your laptop screen? • ... or just general assistance

Virus and Security

System cleanup and security checks to make sure you're safe to go online for shopping and banking

data protection

Help with backup procedures and data recovery for lost files


Hardware and software updates for increased performance and less wait time


Broken screen or power jack socket, power supplies, printers or tablets?


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Latest News

IP Configuration Error

Windows 10 computers in recent days have been affected by an IP Configuration error which shows a yellow triangle over your network icon in the task bar. There have been a lot of people left with no internet connection , but following this fix seems to get them up-and-running again. […]

Hard Disk Drive

Upgrading Your Hard Disk Drive

Having had quite a few Hard Disk Drives in for repair recently, I thought I should write an article on replacing your current drive with a Solid State Drive (SSD). There are some advantages and disadvantages which I’ll go in to in a moment, but the basic difference is the […]

Windows 10 Autoupdate Fix

As I wrote back in November Windows have decided to upgrade systems still on Windows 7 or 8 automatically. I personally think this is a step too far, especially when some people have incurred a charge from the broadband provider for going over their data limit, or if in a […]

Broadband Speeds

The following poll/questionnaire is to gather some information on your broadband speed. You can test your speed using this site: www.speedtest.net and note the download speed. Speeds may vary at different times of day, so you could try various tests and get a mean speed. I’ve added extra options at […]

Rural Broadband

Broadband Renewal

I’ve recently gone through the rigmarole of renewing my Broadband contract, and much like your electricity or gas services, it pays to shop around. I’ve been with the same business broadband and phone supplier for over 10 years, and although they don’t reward customer loyalty as such, they will if […]

Microcroft Tech Tips

Tech Tips March 16

“I’m calling from Microsoft” Unfortunately, the scammers are still calling pretending to be from Microsoft etc, and doing some really nasty things when you refuse to give them money – like deleting all your files and password protecting your computer so you can no longer get access. Please remember: Microsoft […]

holiday drop-off

Holiday Computer Drop-Off

If you are planning on jetting away this year, remember we still provide our  “Holiday Computer Drop-Off‘ service where we will look after your computer while you are away, running any clean-ups, checks, repairs or upgrades you request and have it ready for you on your return! Just Email or […]

Computer Spring clean for dust

Computer Spring Clean

  As you probably know, computers are magnets to dust, as they suck in air to keep themselves cool. Cooling fans and air vents can get clogged up and your computer can start to sound like a Boeing 747 taking off, and also may start overheating, leading to shut downs […]

Kindle Update

link Have an Amazon Kindle that’s pre-2012? You need to read this Amazon security update locks out those who don’t update by 22 March Amazon’s Kindle range is fantastic, but if you want to stop your reader from becoming a brick, you’ll need to update it by 22 March. As […]

Ransomware Spike

Link Spike in ransomware spam prompts warnings Security firms are warning about a sudden “huge” surge in junk mail messages containing ransomware. The surge is being blamed on the group behind a novel strain of ransomware called Locky. One security firm reported that a version of Locky produced two weeks […]