Tech Tips March 16

Microcroft Tech Tips

“I’m calling from Microsoft”

Unfortunately, the scammers are still calling pretending to be from Microsoft etc, and doing some really nasty things when you refuse to give them money – like deleting all your files and password protecting your computer so you can no longer get access.

Please remember: Microsoft or Apple will not call you. There is no reason to talk to these people – even if they say it is an emergency! Be polite and hang up the phone.


Here’s what Microsoft say on the matter

Apple iPhone and iPad Update Problem

Apple seem to have repaired the problem they themselves created when updating older iPads and iPhones to iOS 9.3. Here is the link to Apple’s resolution page, and a BBC report on the issue.

Rural Broadband Speeds

Things don’t seem to be improving for us out in the sticks as regards to our broadband speeds, as detailed by a recent Ofcom report. There are some local groups taking action, who simply can’t wait for BT Out-of-reach to get the fibre lines connected, with a group in Gartmore organising a line of sight broadband using Briskona.

Early reports are extremely promising!

As always, stay safe!