Online Banking

online banking

I was listening to the news this morning regarding high street banks closing branches, and the topic of conversation came up about online banking and it’s usefulness.  Article on bank closures

I was with RBS until they shut down branches in Callendar and Drymen, and now use online banking more and more. I now post cheques away and find that the process is actually easier than going to the bank!

If you are unsure of online banking and the security surrounding it, I would be happy to look at your computer or tablet/phone and check the security etc. I can also help you set-up online banking for you with the help of your bank, and make it as easy as possible to access it. I can also advise on how to avoid scams and phishing Emails, but I find online banking safe and secure. How safe is online banking – Which

It seems as though these are the way things are going, but I do think it is worth considering getting it set-up, if you find getting to the local branch a problem.