Hard Disk Drive

Upgrading Your Hard Disk Drive

Having had quite a few Hard Disk Drives in for repair recently, I thought I should write an article on replacing your current drive with a Solid State Drive (SSD). There are some advantages and disadvantages which I’ll go in to in a moment, but the basic difference is the […]

holiday drop-off

Holiday Computer Drop-Off

If you are planning on jetting away this year, remember we still provide our  “Holiday Computer Drop-Off‘ service where we will look after your computer while you are away, running any clean-ups, checks, repairs or upgrades you request and have it ready for you on your return! Just Email or […]

Computer Spring clean for dust

Computer Spring Clean

  As you probably know, computers are magnets to dust, as they suck in air to keep themselves cool. Cooling fans and air vents can get clogged up and your computer can start to sound like a Boeing 747 taking off, and also may start overheating, leading to shut downs […]